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The growth and extension of Dr.Frei brand continues.
Now Dr.Frei represents its own new protection masks: Dr. Frei Protect.

In the current environment, the world community really needs high-quality personal protective equipment. Air pollution, the spread of virus infections, smog in cities, dust and pollen, etc. – all these unfavorable conditions affect our health and, accordingly, the quality of our lives.

Our company, with its own production facilities, does not stand by: it seeks the ways to take care of your protection. Specially for disposable masks manufacturing, a modern production facility was built in Bulgaria and equipped with three new lines. Today this subdivision of Medtex Swiss factory has the monthly performance of 5 million disposable medical masks. Also, the factory has a capacity of 5 million reusable protective masks per month at the other production site.

Dr. Frei Protect reusable and disposable masks protect against penetration of saliva droplets, large particles of dust, aerosols and pollen. They can be used indoors and outdoors for walking and playing sports in the fresh air, especially in cold weather and in polluted areas, in places of mass gatherings or where dust is formed. They allow wearers to breathe clearer and safer air at construction and production sites, work in dusty premises, beauty salons, during cleaning, gardening, flower and animal care, moving around the city on a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, in public transport, etc. Yet remember no one mask guarantees 100% protection and although our facepieces are not medical devices, they significantly raise your chances to stay healthy and feel more comfortable.

Declaration of Conformity for Dr. Frei Protect Reusable Masks can be downloaded here.


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