Medtex Swiss Ltd.

Manufacture of medical, sports and protective goods for support, rehabilitation, comfort and wellness.


Medtex Swiss Factory's Main Facility

Medtex Swiss Ltd. is a textiles production complex which runs two facilities operating in Bulgaria and manufactures medical, sports and protection goods for support, rehabilitation, comfort and healthy lifestyle.

One factory specialises in manufacturing of modern orthopedic support, bandage and protection goods comprising interrelated scopes of application: medical MedTextile®, sports Dr.Frei Pro® and daily-use Dr.Frei Protect® product lines. On every stage of production, close attention is paid to the quality of the final product which starts with qualified and well-trained personnel, new and ergonomic workshops, innovative technologies, streamline workflow, up-to-day equipment and is guaranteed by international standards and three-level internal control.

Medical and sports textile factory is equipped with innovative automatic knitting machinery from the well-known Swiss company JAKOB MÜLLER A.G., a source of pride for any garment manufacturer in the world. Uncompromising quality is the primary goal at the production, therefore all of the factory's departments were outfitted with the latest technology from the world’s most highly-regarded equipment firms. The textile production unit is equipped with HARRY LUCAS modular textile machines, Germany – circular knitting machines from 1/12" to 32" in single and double jersey. There are RASHELINA warp looms with the weft insertion and NF high capacity sliver-weaving looms. The sewing area is equipped with advanced sewing machines from leading producers, such as SIRUBA, GLOBAL, BROTHER and TYPICAL. The packaging room has the Italian packing line GRAMEGNA which enables quick and quality packaging of finished products. A wide range of special universal machinery creates a strong production capacity.

Cyclical turnaround is integrated into the process flow sheets including all stages – from drafting and raw materials manufacturing to the output of the finished products. Thus well-planned and organised business processes contribute to the cost efficiency of the production.

The factory has implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with international standard protocols ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 that is validated with DQS, IQNet and TCL annual audit control and the appropriate certificates. Production quality is inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process and goes through three-level control: an inspection test, a walkthrough and the final stage when 100% finished products are compared to the benchmark samples. Goods are directed to the packing area only when their high quality has been guaranteed.

Medtex Swiss Ltd.

Automated production of medical disposable masks for domestic and professional use


Medtex Swiss Factory's New Facility

The second facility centers on manufacturing medical disposable masks expanding the Dr.Frei Protect® trademark's assortment. Relying on earned over the years experience, knowledge and practice, personal protection textiles works follow established principles of efficiency, high-quality and responsibility. A newly built modern workshop meets the set requirements of a clean and comfortable working environment and boasts a fully automated production line.

Three-module self-acting machinery for shaping and cutting raw fabric and attaching ear loops is based on an innovative ultrasonic fusion technology by Unitech S.R.L., Italy, and has a monthly production capacity of 5 million facial masks, 70-120 pcs/min. To ensure the best quality and durability, the equipment runs automatic tension control of raw materials to determine its balance, photoelectric detection of raw material flaws to avoid errors and reduce waste, and also uses multiple sets of pneumatic components to achieve precise monitoring.

The main advantages of MedTex Swiss production complex are a convenient location, high European standards of quality, a wide selection of products and the ability to produce qualitative textile goods for other private labels and trademarks. Due to manufacturer's modern high-tech equipment, up-to-date materials and advanced technology, the high quality of goods is consistently guaranteed. Production’s comprehensive approach to process management, strict quality control, attractive packaging and competitive prices allow the factory to compete with leading manufacturing companies in the medical, sports and personal protection equipment fields.