Year results 2023

The year 2023 has become one of the most successful in the history of Medtex Swiss Bulgaria, and we are not going to stop! This year we have as always successfully passed the ISO 13485 certification and keep on our growth. Thanks to the constantly increasing orders and mutually beneficial marketing work with our continuous trusted partners from all parts of the world (Kazakhstan, Greece, Germany, Israel, Romania, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Jordan) as long as with responsible and highly qualitative work of our team we have reached the new level of profitability this year. And with around 1 000 000 items being produced and sold, we have also reached one of the highest productivity results.

Aiming for even higher results, we're constantly working on the expansion of our distribution network. Thus started in 2022 and being continuously strengthen by mutual collaboration throughout 2023 our work with new distributor Orbico Bulgaria has proved to be highly effective. In the summer 2023 we have also established a connection with a new partner in Libya. After the first order was delivered and highly rated by our new distributor, the next order is planned to be 3 time bigger in terms of its cost. Non-stop market research, establishing contacts with potential partners and negotiations on the future mutually beneficial cooperation is our daily activity which for sure will bring us more and more connections worldwide.

Of course to keep such a high speed of the development the factory itself has to be constantly expanded and updated. That is why last year we received new machinery for the production of our medical elastic bandages, some sewing machines and ordered to be delivered 2 more round knitting machines. With the growing amount of orders more working places are getting available for people in town. That brings us to the other daily activity which is searching for the new employees. We are happy and proud that people are showing interest in being employed at our factory due to the competitive salaries and good working conditions. It is very important to keep the high spirit of the team to keep the work floating and that is why several team building activities including a trip to Serbia was organized for the company.

Many thanks to the whole team of Medtex Swiss Bulgaria for amazing 2023 and for many more to come in 2024!

Date: 2024-02-22

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