New Dr. Frei line for kids

The year 2023 has become incredible successful for our creative team as we are introducing another brand-new line of bandages Dr. Frei Kids for children from 2 to 12 years old.

Global Swiss Group is a family company, and we develop our products taking into consideration all members of a family. That is why our exclusive line of bandages was crafted specifically for the smallest ones – kids. The pediatric bandage market is growing like never before. With the increasing emphasis on child safety and growing sport culture among children, the demand for child-friendly bandages has reached some new heights. Keeping in mind that most of the producers do not have separated ranges of products for children but just include a couple of such items in the common lines, distributors benefit a lot from offering little clients the whole separate designs.

Talking about designs: Dr. Frei Kids braces were developed in bright yellow and blue colors, suitable for both boys and girls, with a special attention to the peculiarities of children’s physiology, development of their bodies and constant movement. Durable materials, secure fixation, easy application – everything is thought through not only for the comfort of a child but also for the parents’ peace of mind.

It is even more beneficial that the bandages are suitable not only for the treatment of unfortunate traumas or injuries as long as for the rehabilitation after but also as a preventive measure. Due to the high activity children are often at greater risk of getting injures and traumas, that is why the main purpose of Dr. Frei Kids bandages is to provide advanced protection, to prevent possible muscle strains and joint dislocations, as well as to ensure proper support and protection before something even happens.
Market research and analysis, consultations with doctors and people working with children all together made us decide to include the following 6 most often requested articles to the range: thumb splint, arm sling, wrist splint, knee, ankle and posture supports. Available in different sizes, they can be used by children of different ages.

We have put our hearts and souls into creating this line of pediatric bandages. We have ensured not only their high effectiveness and hypoallergenic nature, but also incorporated delightful designs because our children deserve the best!

Date: 2024-02-22

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