MedTex Swiss Factory



Factory is located in (EU) and specialized in the manufacturing of medical goods for support, rehabilitation and comfort.

Medtex Swiss Factory is equipped with the modern equipment from leading manufacturers. Factory has implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with international standard protocols ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The manufacturing process is further certified under European standards – Conformité Européenne (CE). The main advantages of MedTex Swiss Factory are: a good location, high standards of quality, modern high-tech equipment, advanced technology and wide range of products.



Technological equipment is a pride of the factory. Taking ultimate quality as a reference point, we have equipped all workshops with the latest equipment from leading manufacturers. Machines are serviced by experienced staff that has been trained in Switzerland. Different special-purpose machines create strong industrial base, which allows to produce high-quality goods. Own facilities supply the factory with high quality elastic belt ribbons and other edging materials. Knitting-weaving area is equipped with automatic machinery made by Swiss company JAKOB MÜLLER A.G., a world leader of weaving machinery for narrow fabrics. MedTex Swiss Factory production unit is equipped with HARRY LUCAS’s, Modular Textile Machines, GERMANY - Circular knitting machines from 1/12" to 32" in single- and double-jersey. There are warp looms with RASHELINA weft insertion and NF high capacity sliver-weaving looms. Sewing Area is equipped with advanced sewing machines from leading producers such as SIRUBA, GLOBAL, BROTHER, TYPICAL. Strong production capacities are formed by wide range of special and universal machineries. Packing Room is equipped with Italian packing line made by GRAMEGNA company. It helps to make fast and quality packing for various products.

Medtex Swiss Bulgaria Factory


Medtex Swiss Bulgaria Factory


Medtex Swiss Bulgaria Factory ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2012