Source of pride for our production is equipment, tools and machinery. Focused on non-compromised quality we have equipped all shops with advanced devices made by world leader producers

Knitting-Weaving Shed

Shed is equipped with automatic machinery made by Swiss JAKOB MÜLLER A.G company, a world leader of weaving machinery for narrow fabrics. History of the trade began more than 130 years.

There are warp looms with RASHELINA weft insertion and NF high capacity sliver-weaving looms. Due to those devices production has its own high quality raw materials and doesn’t depend on suppliers of elastic slivers. Machinery is maintained by experienced servicemen and fitters completed mandatory education and training in Switzerland.

Circular Knitting Machines

HARRY LUCAS GERMANY Modular Textile Machines - Circular knitting machines from 1/12" to 32" in single- and double-jersey. Our textile machines are for multi use purposes in medical and fashion industries. HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG is our partner for the development and manufacturing of highly specialized knitting supports and bandages for customized solutions at best possible prices.

Sewing Shop

Shop is equipped with advanced sewing devices of leading producers SIRUBA, GLOBAL, BROTHER, TYPICAL. Strong production capacities are formed by wide range of special and universal machineries. It helps to fabricate high quality products and increase output.


Packing Room

Room is equipped with Italian packing line made by GRAMEGNA Company. It helps to make fast and qualitative packing for various products.

Knitting-weaving shed




Packing Room