Materials Info

High quality materials with mandatory certification are used at the plant

  • Cotton yarn from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, the key cotton suppliers
  • Polyester yarn for comfortable handling. Intended for all goods
  • Latex for elasticity. Intended for all goods and secures compression
  • Polyamide monofibre thread for binders and supports rigidity
  • NormoFlex, triple fabric, consisted of cotton fabric, polyurethane foam and polyether fabric with unique stitch knitting. Intended for softening and warming effects
  • Polyurethane foam for adjustable parts
  • Aeroprene or breathable neoprene, unique triple fabric with micromassage effect
  • Intended for adjustable parts
  • Tempered steel and aluminum, plastic. Intended for stays
  • Various closures. Intended for all goods

Usage of these materials guarantees high quality, efficiency and therapeutic impact 

Materials Info MedTextile