Wrist Wrap with Stays Art. # 8551

Indications for use: for reliable fixation and compression of the radiocarpal joint. Abates pain because of warming and micromassage action. Is efficient for prevention of traumas and sprain of ligaments, arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, synovitis, tendovaginitis and their exacerbation, at rehabilitation stage after plaster dressing removal. Also can be used to prevant habitual dislocation or traumas during sport exercises. For fixation bandage is furnished with Velcro fastener and original kink coverage.




  • Provides reliable fixation and compression of the radiocarpal joint
  • The metallic stiffening plate and additional straps provide reliable stabilization of the joints
  • Anatomic shape is comfortable for daily use
  • Universal wrap for left or right hand
  • Can be used instead of a plaster cast



    DimensionsSizesMax deviation
    Wrist circumference, сm14-1920-27±1,0 сm


    Wrist circumference


    Colour :         beige  beige