Orthopedic Support Heating Art. # 4045

Indications for use: For compression and soft fixation of waist. Decreases pain due to heating and micro massage action. Can be used for weight loss, decreasing of abdominal fatty tissue thickness during sports and exercises. For fixation the bandage is furnished with Velcro fastener and original kink coating.




  • Has heating and micro massage action
  • Ensures compression and soft fixation of waist
  • Breathable neoprene (aeroprene) has an unique property to hold body warmth without blocking skin breathing
  • Well models body outlines



    DimensionsSizesMax deviation
    Waist circumference, сm50-7071-9091-110111-130±1,0 сm


    Waist circumference


    Colour :         beige  beige    black  black


    Helpful tips:

    It is obligatory to consult your doctor before use. Size of the brace is chosen according to the waist circumference measurements as shown in the table.  It is recommended to put the brace on while lying supine on a hard or semihard surface. 
    The brace should be worn over cotton underwear to avoid excessive sweating and a small chance of allergic reaction to the materials of the brace.  The brace regimen and duration of wearing are recommended on an individual basis by a medical doctor.