Anti-radiculitis Support (Heating) Art. # 3051

Indications for use: The corset is used to fix and unload lumbar spine and to make a simultaneous warming effect at chronic pains in lumbosacral spine, radiculitis, rheumatism, neuritis and other diseases of the lumbar spine. The corset features a warming and supporting effect. It contains sheep natural wool that ensures perfect therapeutic effect.




  • diseases of support-motor system (radiculitis, ostechondrotis, lumbosacral radiculitis);
  • diseases of urogenital system (urolithiasis, nephritis, prostatitis, inflammation of uterine appendages).



    DimensionsSizesMax deviation
    Waist circumference, сm50-7071-9091-110111-130±1,0 сm


    Waist circumference


    Colour :         beige  beige


    Helpful tips:

    Before use please consult with your doctor. Required support size is chosen based on the waist circumference shown in the chart above. Support is recommended to wear directly on underwear.
    Individual treatment and terms are determined by the physician.