Elastic Reclinator Light Fixation Art. #2016

Indications for use: Spinal curvatures (kyphosis, scoliosis), winged scapula. The posture support prevents slouch development, forms habit to hold the back straight, helps to avoid different diseases concerned with poor posture (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and other disorders). Ensures girdle of superior extremity opening and vertebral bodies relief with preservation of normal muscle tone.


  • It is an efficient means for correction of poor posture and shoulder slouch
  • It has adjustable fixation level from soft to hard
  • Flexible belts comfortably embrace the body



    DimensionsSizesMax deviation

    Chest circumference on the scapulas level, cm

    64-8990-116117-130±1,0 сm


    Child Reclinator Posture Support

    Color:    beige  beige

    Helpful tips:

    Before use please consult with your doctor. It is recommended to wear the posture support directly on cotton underwear. Fasten the support on the stomach with Velcro fastener. Pass the belts of the support  under the armpits when shoulders straighten and fix them at your back using  Velcro fastener.

    Recommended duration of the support bearing:

    • Begin from 2 hours per a day, gradually increasing to 4 hours a day without a break or up to 6 hours a day with 2 hours breaks
    • Individual treatment and terms are determined by the physician