Child Reclinator Posture Support Art. #2005

Indications for use: The reclinator forms proper posture, reduces pain in upper area of spine caused by scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, arthritis, prevents deformations of spine, forms habit to hold the back straight.




  • Corrects poor posture and prevents slouch
  • Additional removable metal stiffeners help to align spine and provide proper posture
  • Wide straps smoothly distribute pressure onto shoulders
  • Elastic straps are comfortably placed around body



    DescriptionSizesMax deviation
    Chest circumference, cm42-5051-6061-68±1,0 cm


    Child Reclinator Posture Support

    Color:    beige  beige

    Helpful tips:

    It’s highly recommended to wear directly on bodies. Apply reclinator belts under armpits and slide them through the ring at the back. Fix belts with help of velcro closure under thoracic spine at the front.

    Duration of use:

    2-4 hours at the beginning, gradually increase to 10-12 hours.

    Required size is chosen based on the thoracic circumference specified in the chart above. It’s measured at shoulder blade level