Knee Immobilizer with Ribs and Intensive Fixation (The Tutor) Art. # 6113

Indications for use: Immobilization of knee joint at the early stages of rehabilitation after traumas and operations on the joint, and also in the lower third of the hip and the upper third of the leg. Immobilization of knee joint in transportation. Apparent knee instability. Unfixed knee deformations (valgus and varus deviations, genurecurvation). Patella (rotula) traumas. Meniscus injuries.




Reinforced knee joint bandage (removable knee joint-immobilizer) is appropriated for immobilization (absolute fixation) of knee joint. Fixation is achieved with the help of 5 detachable metallic splints and strap-tightening cuffs available with Velcro fasteners (from 4 to 6, depending on the size).


  • Side and back metallic splints provides immobilization of knee joint at an angle of 20°
  • Split design makes the bandage putting on easier
  • If it is necessary you can relieve joint fixation, taking out one or several stiffening ribs and use the bandage at the middle stages of rehabilitation
  • Length of removable joint-immobilizer and amount of fixing straps can grow, depending on  the product size
  • Soft fabric of the cuffs is comfortable and it does not provoke any allergic reactions and skin irritations
  • Fits for left or right leg



    DimensionsSizesMax deviation
    Product height, сm354555±1,0 сm
    Knee circumference, сm28-4534-57


    Knee circumference


    Colour :         beige  beige


    Helpful tips:

    The bandage regiment and duration of the bandage use are recommended by a medical doctor. 
    Putting the bandage on, you should unfasten all Velcro fasteners and slack the straps. Extremity position while wearing should conform with flexion angle of the stiffening ribs. Patella must be exactly in the hole which appears in the process of fastening. 
    Strap fastening is carried out “from the joint”: first the straps coterminous to the joint, then – the other ones. Having fastened all the straps, it is recommended to check out if the position of the bandage on the leg is correct.