Knee Joint Support with Patella Pad Art. # 6053

Indications for use: The bandage provides moderate fixation with soft compression of the knee joint, reducing lateral static exercise while standing or high-impact walking. Pain syndrome is relieved by knee joint fixation and unloading action of the bandage. Both warm retention and micro-massage effect improve blood circulation in soft tissues. Compression effect relieves pain and reduces edema.




  • Provides soft and reliable fixation and compression of knee joint
  • Abates pain due to warming and micromassage action
  • Split construction ensures easy wearing of support
  • The support is furnished with Velcro closure for fixation
  • Fixative belts ensure additional joint stabilization
  • The aperture and resilient torus limit mobility and defend the patella
  • Fits for left or right leg



    DimensionsSizesMax deviation
    Knee circumference, сm28-45±1,0 сm


    Knee circumference


    Colour :         beige  beige


    Helpful tips:

    Before use please consult with your doctor.
    Required size is chosen based on the knee circumference shown in the chart above. 
    Individual treatment and terms are determined by the physician.