Bandage for Umbilical Hernia Art. # 5051

Indications for use: The truss is used for umbilical hernia to prevent prolapse and incarceration of hernia sac and further hernia rise.




  • Removable pad for reliable hernia support
  • Efficient prevention of strangulation of hernia
  • Support of abdomen muscles in hernia area and prevention of further hernia increasing
  • Is recommended to get on lying on the back, onto reduced hernia only



    DescriptionSizesMax deviation
    Waist Circumference50-7071-9091-110111-130±1,0 cm


    Waist Circumference


    Colour :         beige  beige


    Helpful tips:

    Required truss size is chosen based on the waist circumference shown in the chart above. Apply truss while you are laying, semi rigid pad is to be above umbilicus